Occupational Medicine

We offer a variety of options for the business community with occupational health services to the Northern Kentucky business community.  Our physicians and trained medical staff are prepared to cover your planned and unplanned occupational healthcare needs in our facilities.  We are also equipped to provide customized on-site services that include physicals, drug and alcohol testing, wellness programs and more.  We’ll work to keep your employees healthy, safe and on the job.  We offer fast, complete medical care and provide you with top-notch medical care for unexpected medical illnesses and injuries.  We have convenient hours, including days, evenings, and weekends, with no appointment necessary.



Treatment of Workers' Comp Injuries


Drug and Alcohol Testing


DOT Services


Physical Exams

D.O.T. Physicals

Keep DOT physicals up to date and your trucks on the road with Bluegrass Urgent Care:

Don’t let your trucks get taken off the road because a routine traffic stop turns into a logistical nightmare when your driver doesn’t have to proper medical paperwork.  Instead, ensure your customers supply chain remains uninterrupted and get out ahead of any problems by sending your drivers to a Bluegrass Urgent Care center for quick, easy, and cost effective DOT physicals.  Bluegrass Urgent Care understands that in the shipping world, time is money, and we save you both.  With no appointment needed, DOT physicals are only $120, and with an average turn time of 30 minutes, your drivers are back on the road fast.

Rapid & Laboratory Drug Screens

Bluegrass Urgent Care helps you avoid the hassle of employee drug testing with Rapid In House Drug Screening and laboratory testing services:

As a Hiring or HR Manager, you know that finding and selecting qualified talent is a lot of work.  Once you have put all of that effort into the ideal candidate, you want them to get to work for your organization and pay dividends as quickly as possible.  Don’t waste any more time getting your people to work by getting slowed down when it comes time for drug testing.
Whether drug testing is part of your company’s mandated pre-employments screening, part of a governmental regulation for your industry, or a requirement for post accident protocol; Bluegrass Urgent Care is ready to get your people in, out and back to work.  With our Rapid in House drug screens test results are available within minutes, not days.  For those industries that require additional laboratory testing, our outside testing labs can have results back in as little as 24 hours, allowing your employees to get to work for you fast.

Don’t waste travel time going to the hospital:
While sending your employees to your local Business Health Department at the hospital may seem like an easy choice, long travel times to these centralized locations is time and money wasted.  Instead, send your employees to any one of Bluegrass Urgent Care’s conveniently located centers near you for faster turn times and cost savings.  Our experience professional staff will make sure the job is done right, and give you peace of mind knowing that your employees are ready to work.

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