Flu Shots

Get you annual flu shots with Bluegrass Urgent Care:

Millions of people get the flu each year, but with Bluegrass Urgent Care you can make sure that you aren’t one of them.

So many people look forward to fall, it’s the start of the football season, pumpkin spice everything, campfires….and unfortunately the start of flu season. Many people don’t get a flu shot and they all have a reason; not enough time, too costly, or maybe they even think “I’ll just take my chances”. Regardless of the reason, not getting a flu shot can not only be dangerous for you, but also for those around you who may have a weakened immune system, especially children and the elderly. So do yourself and those around you a favor and get your flu shot. At Bluegrass Urgent Care, you can be in and out fast; safe in the knowledge that you have done everything you can to protect yourself and others from the Flu this season.

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