Accidents & Injuries

Bluegrass Urgent Care makes accidents and injuries as painless as possible:
There is no need to suffer with aches and pains after an accident.  Bluegrass Urgent Care can get you back to being you fast.

While there are many things you can do to live a long and healthy life, there is almost nothing you can do to protect yourself from common muscle pulls and sprains that can force you to put your life on hold.  Whether it’s a pulled muscle from picking up your child, tripping on the sidewalk, or rolling your ankle on a toy left in the middle of the floor, everyone from time to time has moments when a small pain turns into a big problem.  In today’s busy world, even these small pains can drastically affect how you perform at work, and at home.

Don’t wait:
Most people try to “wait it out” hoping that the pain will subside, but for those with nagging pain that won’t go away, what options are right for them?  You could go to the ER, but unless your condition is life threatening, you’ll likely spend hours waiting to be seen while other patients with more serious injuries are rushed ahead of you.  You could go to your Primary Care Physician, but that takes days to get an appointment.  Instead visit any of the conveniently located Bluegrass Urgent Care centers and treated fast, No Appointment Needed!

Hassle free treatment when you need it most:

The experienced clinicians and staff at Bluegrass Urgent Care are ready to treat you right the first time.  With state of the art facilities that have everything you need in house; from Digital X-ray equipment, to a stock room full of all the braces, crutches, splints and supplies you need to be treated completely on sight.   We will treat your minor injuries as a major priority and get you back on your feet fast.  If quick, effective and inexpensive treatment sounds like the perfect remedy the next time you need professional care, Bluegrass Urgent Care is the place for you.  Just stop in and see just how much 30 minutes of your time can buy.

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